stainless FEP encapsulated seal was first  used in the U.S. rocket development program
Cryolox stainless FEP encapsulated seal
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Technical Design Considerations

The maximum stretching of Cryolox seals should never exceed 4%. Stainless encapsulated seals are more suited for O.D. applications where stretching the diameter is limited.
The stainless steel spring has resilience but it should not be over compressed into the groove. Compression guidelines are listed below.

When stainless seals are exposed to pressures greater than 1300 PSI, they should be vented to prevent bursting of the encapsulation. Three vent holes are placed at a predetermined location in the FEP or PFA jacket.

FEP Jacket

Cryolox Stainless Seal Advantages

  • Performs at high and
    low temperatures
  • High resilience
  • Minimal compression set

Range: -420°F to 500°F
            (-250°C to 260°C)

Specifications: AMS 5519N
                           ASTM A-666-10

Cryolox Stainless Steel Seal

Cryogenic seals are made with stainless precision rolled strip steel with special tolerances, encapsulated in an FEP or PFA jacket.

Cryolox maintains its resilience when exposed to cryogenic temperatures, and offers superior face seal properties in extremely low temperatures.

Cryolox Stainless Seals


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